Means To An End offers Information Technology systems consulting and or contract services.   Examples of the types of services offered are: Projects range from enterprise-level applications or system consolidation efforts to simple web-presence websites for small businesses.  Please see the services page. In the restaurant business the 3 most important things are: location, location, location.   When dealing with enterprise level applications or systems that are used by an entire company, the 3 most important things are: Experience, experience, experience.   This is what Means To An End (MTAE) brings to the table, years of experience.


Objective: Secure, useable applications Means To An End assists clients in developing and delivering secure, intuitive systems and/or applications.   With over 25+ years in systems work, Van Chesnutt has the experience to provide this service.  Mr. Chesnutt was employed by The Boeing Company for over 20 years where he provided systems consulting to Boeing clients, before setting out on his own and forming Means To An End in 1999.  Since then he has expanded his background with consulting and contracting engagements, several of which have been back at Boeing.  Key to the success of the projects Mr. Chesnutt has been involved with is working with others, exchanging ideas, improving processes and solving problems.


Since 1998, Means To An End has been assisting  clients in achieving success in their computing projects through the services listed above and by providing project leadership, communications, and organization. The companies we work with are innovative in their approach, progressive in their spirit, professional in their work ethic and of the highest integrity. Means To An End is offering consulting and/or contract services where experience can be used to improve processes, operations and business objectives


As Mr. Chesnutt is also an patented inventor, with a wide range of experience, he may also be engaged as a consultant for problems, that require unique, out-of-the-box thinking.