During the last two and a half decades, Mr. Chesnutt  has participated in several computing conversion and/or development projects, many that involved radical re-engineering and/or  re-architecting efforts -- projects where the objective was to improve business operations and processes in an effort to be either more productive or more competitive.  Whether providing services as a consultant through Means To An End or as a consultant for the Boeing Company, Mr. Chesnutt assisted clients with analysis and development of applications for PCs/workstations, web operations, mainframe systems, web interfaces to existing systems and consolidation of numerous existing systems.  Responsibilities have included the development, installation and customization of software and the project management of both customer and project activities.  Keys to success in these endeavors have been experience, the ability to find solutions to problems or issues, the ability to listen, and organization skills.


In the last quarter of 2015 and on into the current year, Mr. Chesnutt was engaged by NPC Research (of Portland, Oregon) to develop a collaboration web application for the California Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (CEDV)—Specialized Response Program. CA-CEDV programs are funded by the California Children’s Justice Act Task Force and managed by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. These programs establish partnerships between local law enforcement and social services (in a few select cities), with the goal of improving the system response to children who have been exposed to violence in their homes. This project has significant security issues that the SQL database addresses. This project went live in June of 2016 and has been being maintained ever since.

Beginning in 2013, Mr. Chesnutt began work to architect, design & develop a web-based, Order/Quote application for Alaskan Copper & Brass. The application replaced a paper-based process and runs on a variety of web browsers at all company branches. In 2014 and into 2015, the Purchase Order application was used as the basis for a Purchase Order/RFQ application; again to replace a paper-based process. In 2016, the PO/RFQ application has evolved to include a vendor knowledge base that is being used to capture data that only exists in people's heads.

For the last few year have the applications have had on-going maintenance and enhancements. Many of the enhancements ahave come about as a result of expanding ths scope of the applications to include Canadian operations.

Additionally, an executive dashboard was created that interfaced to a PICK sales system, the Quote/Order application and to the warehouse application referenced below.

In 2011 and continuing on into 2012, Mr. Chesnutt worked on the Oregon Waiver Demonstration Project's Research Participant Management System (RPMS) web application for Portland State University with a partner company. The application randomly assigns eligible participants to either a control or program group. Individuals in the program group receive parent mentoring service through the Oregon DHS. This project utilizes a SQL database and Ajax web functionality.

In August 2012, Mr. Chesnutt was asked to write a Requirements Specification document for implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in the cloud at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. In 2013 this document was used to drive a successful implementation of the product.

Beginning in the summer of 2009 and continuing on into 2012, Mr. Chesnutt has worked on numerous projects for a Craft3, Washington State Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Here, Mr. Chesnutt developed the IT processes to support a project to fund energy reduction loans for home owners in certain Pacific Northwest cities. This project has been focused on repeatable electronic processes to reduce the cost of loan initiation and on-going administration. The project has been primarily built upon the most recent platforms available for SQL Server and Microsoft’s CRM environment while also incorporating the use of web services and custom produced web and console applications.

Also for Craft3, Mr. Chesnutt developed web-based loan applications where customers submit loan applications. Then to support increasing demand and the need to reduce loan processing cost, he developed a Windows application to support loan underwriting.

In addition to the above, during the last couple of years, Mr. Chesnutt developed a web reporting application for Alaskan Copper & Brass and a contact recording application for NPC Research.

From early 2008 and into 2009, Mr. Chesnutt worked on applications that support the transferring data files between Boeing with its suppliers and customers.

For NPC Research, Mr. Chesnutt has created a new web application for use by the California DUI Court System, that is similar to the one used by the California Drug Court System.
In mid-2007, Mr. Chesnutt was once again engaged by the Boeing Company to reverse engineer a COTS windows/SQL based product (with the supplier's permission). This effort was undertaken to document the processes of specific organization in anticipation of moving to a .NET based version of the application. This was done while maintaining the CMMI certification level and the Boeing Company's defined software development processes.
In 2007, Mr. Chesnutt was engaged by NPC Research on a project to upgrade a web application used by the California Court System from .NET 1.0 to .NET 2.0. This effort has also included incorporating user requested enhancements to the web application and the back-end SQL database.

In 2006, Mr. Chesnutt was engaged by the Boeing Company to provide contract Systems Engineering and Architecture services in support of a system used to manage policies, procedures & processes for the Boeing Company. (Documentation was based on Macroscope® deliverables.) Included in this effort was defining operational Service Level Agreements and a disaster recovery plan and capability.

During this engagement work was also performed in assisting in the separation of systems necessitated by 2005 sale of the Boeing Wichita facility.

In addition, Mr. Chesnutt was the configuration management focal in a successful effort to move the organization to CMMI Level 3 and to define system access control policies for multiple applications.

Yet another assignment during this engagement was to generate the Access Control Policy (ACP) to be used by projects within the organization and support audit activities.

In March 2005, Mr. Chesnutt was engaged by the Boeing Company to provide contract Systems Engineering/Architect services in support of an effort to migrate a new standards management system from NT to UNIX, SQL to Oracle and upgrade to a more recent FileNet® application development platform. Additionally, Mr. Chesnutt supported efforts to establish a Digital Asset Management initiative.

In October 2004, Mr. Chesnutt was engaged by the Boeing Company to provide contract Systems Engineering/Architect services in support of an effort to consolidate numerous print services used through out the enterprise. The proposed alternative was accepted.

Beginning in early 1999, Mr. Chesnutt have provided consulting support to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Here, as part of a small team tasked to replace a 25-year old FORTRAN based system (the Cancer Surveillance System) with a new client-server, SQL based system with a user interface developed in Visual Basic. Work on this project has ranged from analysis of the existing system, through design (including server configuration, database and software) and development of the replacement system.

Other Endeavors

       Means To An End, Inc. 10/98 – present
       Owner & President

       Tirraappendi, Inc. 06/06 – present
       Owner & President

       Executive TimeSlice, Inc. 06/14 – present

       Previously a Partner in RainCity Technology Group, LLC
       Owner & Business Operations Manager

Clients (Past & Present)

       - Alaskan Copper & Brass
       - Lake Washington Institute of Technology
       - Klipsen
       - Craft3
       - Ski's Painting
       - Portland State University
       - The Boeing Company
       - NPC Research
       - The Quilted Gypsy
       - Springer’s Cruises
       - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
       - Point Technologies
       - The Schultz Group
       - Riddle & Associates (International Fire Investigation)