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Push the Red Button
Whether hiking in Zion Canyon, learning about the peculiarities of Peter the Great or Richard the Lionheart, traveling by train in Italy or experiencing lemoncello for the first time, this book describes the little things that make traveling an adventure.

Push the Red Button is a collection of anecdotes and stories experienced by the author over years of travel. Mr. Chesnutt’s dry humor and sense of the absurd is what makes you feel like you are seeing the world with him.


Brian and the Storm
When eight year old Brian returns from school one day he is surprised to find his father at home. He is told that a big storm is coming and they need to prepare and that they will likely lose power. Brian and his dog, Penny, are not concerned, they have been through storms before. Or so they think.

Brian helps his dad put up storm shutters and even Penny seems on edge as they move into the evening and the skies darken. As the storm arrives, events unfold that have Brian and and his family unsettled.

Eventually the storm passes and it is time for cleanup and to be thankful for the way things turned out.

The book is illustrated through the art of Alyce Wolfe of Seattle, as a collection of oil paintings.

The book is available on Amazon and other retailers.


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