I’ve worked with Van on a number of different projects over the years and simply put, his experience and expertise are always KEY to a project’s success. I am continually impressed by his ability to synthesize complex problems into a straight-forward plan for success and customer satisfaction. If you need results, Van produces them. It’s been my pleasure working with Van and I hope to continue our association well into the future.

Scott Evans
Computer Scientist - Madigan Army Medical Center and owner of Fanbird Technologies LLC

      Information systems and their associated technologies are synonymous with the business rules and processes used to create and support products and/or services. Using technology to automate business activities means repeatable accurate performance, significant reduction in product or service flow times, as well as adherence to business rules and audit compliance.

Today many companies purchase off-the-shelf applications that advertise complete fulfillment of their business needs. The underlying auditable business system rules and processes often become a black hole blocking business management and improvements without third-party assistance.

The international Fortune 500 Company for which I worked for over 30 years had thousands of in-house developed, and off-the-shelf applications and systems that spanned a wide variety of proprietary technologies. Policies, procedures, processes, and business rule compliance were almost impossible to audit.

A large portion of my IT career was spent managing teams of employees and contractors to reverse engineer and consolidate systems, reducing the number of applications, and providing a common not proprietary infrastructure.

I worked with Van Chesnutt on several major projects where he provided exceptional professional consulting experience. He worked with us to analyze business needs and requirements, and provided options for business and technical process improvements. Mr. Chesnutt also worked with us to engineer improved fully documented processes with auditable business rules.

Mr. Chesnutt has a proven track record in the areas of systems engineering, system and information architecture, and program and project management. Van also worked with our application development and coding programmers to deliver auditable, secure, intuitive systems and/or applications.

I highly recommend the professional services of Mr. Chesnutt and his team at Means To An End, Incorporated.

Lynne M. Black Jr.
Manager, Information Systems & Technology
The Boeing Company

   I have worked with Van Chesnutt at Means to an End for over a year and a half. My company, NPC Research, contracted with Van for his skills as web developer on a .net web database and cost tool for a statewide research project taking place in California. Van has proved to be extremely knowledgeable about web development and is not only technically proficient but also able to explain it us (people with little to no knowledge of web development/programming) in ways that we can easily understand. He communicates well, keeps us updated about his progress and is consistently responsive to our questions, concerns and requests. He is clear about what tasks are difficult and will take longer and what tasks are quick and easy. He gives solid estimates about the time specific tasks will take and has always been either on time or early in completing them. He is honest and straightforward about what he can do, and is quick to find solutions to any new requests.

Van is responsive to feedback and always willing to adjust the product to get us exactly what we want. He also makes a point of understanding the goal of the project and will take the initiative in discovering new and better ways to get things done, including putting in the little touches that make the final deliverable really come together in a clean, professional product.

Van is a true pleasure to work with. He is a professional that produces quality products. He’s also got a great sense of humor and clearly cares about his work. I look forward to continuing to work with him and recommend him highly.

Shannon Carey
Senior Research Associate, Project Director
NPC Research

      I worked with Mr. Chesnutt on a 5 year systems conversion effort at a major Seattle research institution. In my role as computer support services manager for a research division, I had ample opportunity to observe his ability to translate client requirements and expectations into realistic process improvements. I relied upon Van to dig into the first requirements statement to find the real kernals of process redesign that would drive the systems re-architecture effort.

He has excellent client relationship skills and listens acutely to understand the process implications of requests. He is also able to communicate technical solutions easily to clients.

I recommend him highly.

Gail Christianer
Computer Support Services Manager (retired)
Public Health Sciences Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

      During the development of PTI's Tracking Station software, there was little time to work on training let alone marketing solutions to stimulate awareness. MTAE came to our rescue with ideas and the technical ability to work efficiently with our development staff to come up with solutions that were effective and which did not unduly interrupt critical development process.

We were especially appreciative of the work you did to produce course work for an on-site class. The course that you developed became the basis for our on-going series that was conducted at Air Force sites around the world. It also was instrumental in the development of integrated “Help” and training that became a standard feature of our software deliverables.

Van Chesnutt (MTAE) also took the lead for us in the development of our first “professional” website. Customers were expecting to be able to go to a PTI website for information and help. Until Van became involved, we had nothing that could satisfactorily satisfy that need. Besides creating a site that looked professional, presented our company and our products effectively, you were able to incorporate materials you had developed for training. The result was that we were able to more quickly close sales, and could more cost effectively deliver information and training to existing users.

We greatly appreciate the efforts made by the MTAE staff.

Richard Longstreth


      Thank you for your support, commitment and leadership in helping the IPDS organization achieve it's CMMI Level 3 validation goal.  Working together as a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) team was key to our success. Thank you.
(December 2006 - The Boeing Company)

      This award is presented in recognition of your outstanding effort in satisfying the Access Control Policy (ACP) Audit Review for Internal Services Systems.  Additionally, executing the Corrective Action Plan and implementing a process by which ACPs are created, reviewed and updated on a regular basis have all contributed to a significant process improvement.
Thank you for a job well done!
(October 2006 - The Boeing Company)

   This award is presented to you in recognition of your outstanding performance and invaluable contributions to the Wichita Divestiture activities for SSG and for your sustained efforts and support in completing the Preliminary Analysis Phase for the SSG Application Separation. Your skills and efforts have contributed immeasurably to our success. Thank you for your dedication. 
(July 2006 - The Boeing Company)

     I am so very pleased that you moved our application into production.  It was an important milestone. But my thanks also extends to the way in which it was reached.  Some of the things that come to mind: dedication to quality; always keeping the customer's needs ( both from a system and ease of use viewpoint) in mind; incredible teamwork; flexibility; always maintaining you sense of humor.  And last but not least, cycle time -not just how quickly you turned individual pieces around, but how in a few short months you delivered as much as you did. It has been an unorthodox project -- Thank you! 
 You are outstanding!
(December 2005 - The Boeing Company)